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General Information

Muggenbeet is a small picturesque area in the province of Overijssel in The Netherlands.
It is situated North of a lake, called Giethoornse Meer.
The channel on which Muggenbeet is situated, forms a through route between Nortwestern Overijssel and Friesland.

The camping-site lies near a pool and consists of various parts, which are separated from one another.

The pool can be used for swimming and small boating.
One of the fields is designed for a dozen of seasonal places and some caravan places, the other ones can be used as a campingsite by canoists and cyclists.

Next to the camping you find an attractive hotel, restaurant and pub,

In front of it there is a large patio overlooking the water.


WIFI-HOTSPOT is available,  as well as free showers.

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